We are on a mission to raise funds for those most vulnerable during this global pandemic.  In support of the World Health Organization's advice to flatten the curve to stop the spread of this disease, we created the #CrushTheCurve campaign to bring people together in spirit - hoping that our local, national and global communities will unite to promote protective measures and share words of encouragement during a time when we are isolated and unsure of what lies ahead. 
















Create Awareness                               Boost Morale                                      Help the Vulnerable

By practicing proper hand-washing             Through positive social media                           We are on a mission to raise money

techniques and maintaining social/              we can hep #Crush The Curve together.             and awareness for those most 

physical distancing, we can create               Crushing the Curve will help expedite the          vulnerable during this global pandemic.

awareness of these protective                       recovery of our economy and restore jobs.         Please show your support by simply 

measures and #CrushTheCurve.                                                                                               participating on social media or making                                                                                                                                                    a donation. #CrushTheCurve is making                                                                                                                                                      local donations as chosen by companies                                                                                                                                                    featured on the corporate Support tab.



                                 HOW YOU CAN HELP

A) Promote #CrushTheCurve on social media and share your hand washing, social distancing techniques, and virtual-                              social-hangouts in your own creative ways. Connecting to inspire positivity can go a

                                                          long way during this difficult time.


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                                              B) Make a donation by following the links on the "DONATE" tab on this website.

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